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Gypsy Heart LLC

Connecting to our highest selves...

Gypsy Heart was created through my journey of self discovery.  I  have been inspired by the many souls that I have encountered.  I am  blessed and honored to be a part of each persons spiritual awakening.


Jennifer Cairo

Author/ReikiMaster/Teacher/Intuitive/Oracle and Tarot Card Reader/Medium/Spiritual Advisor/Empath

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I had never heard of Reiki let a alone had a session before. So I really had no idea what to expect. What I did experience was beyond all my expectations. 
I had extreme nerve damage from a “failed back surgery” and the pain was unbearable. I had shared the nerve pain with Jen so she could focus on the damage. 
My stomach was also having issues of an ulcer from stress and vomiting from the pain. That I at the time I never shared. My nerve pain was more important. 
So a friend at the time made an appointment with Jen for me for Reiki. She began and as she was going over my body I felt (you know hands never touch) her heat, her power for a better word. Heat through my shoes.  My pain in my leg calming and relaxing. It was so relieving. It had been so long to feel normalcy again.
Then as she continued I started to observe my stomach relax and the pain stopped.  I felt the  pain actually  “leaving” my stomach.  It’s a feeling I will never forget.
I slowly opened my eyes to see what I was feeling, experiencing and what I saw was was incredible  I’ll never forget it. It was a light green glow over my stomach. Jens hands were above my stomach not touching and she was pale and sweating. She looked drained.  She had no idea about my stomach issues. It was a incredible experience. 
My first Reiki session was amazing. After my session with Jen,I had for the first time in nearly 6 months relief from a horrible pain my own doctors were not able to take away.

Joyce Ely

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